Charlotte Deck Washing

Simply Clean Wash is simply a professional company with 10 years of experience for EVERY person that will be serving you. No overnight hires or fly by night deck pressure washing services being offered here, we are true professionals that have been doing this same line of work for 10 years.

Deck pressure washing and deck refinishing is one of our favorite services that we provide residential power wash customers. The joy of restoring the natural wood grain and shine that you had years ago makes this the most visually pleasing of our services.  When we get to perform a deck restoration, cleaning and resurfacing we take our time and get the final result you are looking for in every job.

We will meet with you and find the look you are going for. We will provide options, finishes and a variety of the safest industry leading product options to get you there. We have the ability to wash, strip, neutralize, sand, stain, seal your wood while also protecting your property including plant life.

Contact us today and lets discuss the outcome you want from your deck washing or deck restoration project and let us show you what will get the look you desire. We will have one of our 10 years experienced professional meet with you on time and finish your job ahead of schedule and under budget. For your Charlotte deck cleaning, pressure washing or deck refinishing needs allow us to over-perform for you.


Call us at (704) 890-3120 for a Charlotte roof cleaning on your home and let’s set up a time to meet and discuss what we can do to give your roof new life and a brand new look.

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